Bromo  Crater  seen at 10 December 2015 from Seruni Peak

At 1st December 2015, Since the volcanic activity in Mt. Bromo rise up to higher status, Bromo caldera is temporary  closed and the visitors  suggested  to  no not visit closer the crater and  an should be in radius 2.5 KM from the Bromo Crater for their security, but  this is a  spectacular phenomena of Mt Bromo, that  come in every 5 years is the most beauty volcanic ash that  you can see from the safe area.

We still  today run Bromo One Day tour  package normally tour to visit  Bromo from Surabaya in one day tour normally, as  you can still enjoy the sunrise at Bromo from SERUNI PEAK. with Bromo One day Tour or Bromo Midnight Tour,  you no need stay overnight at hotels on Bromo Area as sulfur might  reach and volcanic ash will covert your hotel where you stay overnight.  Suitable tour packages  that we offer to visit  Mt Bromo  from Surabaya are:  Bromo One Day Tour  and Bromo Midnight Tour, as this tour can be done directly from Surabaya andone day trip  without stay overnight and any hotel in Bromo.  Bromo Day Tour consist two options tour as followed:


Bromo One  Day Tour is  Bromo tour  to visit  Bromo in one day tour,  from Surabaya, without stay overnight at any hotel in Bromo area,  starting from  Juanda Surabaya Airport or from your hotels where you stay overnight at Surabaya, also from train Station in Surabaya. Bromo One Day Tour is suitable tour/trip  for the  people who have no much time in Surabaya, or visit  Bromo and without  sunrise in Bromo .

Tour Itinerary
During your tour in day time we still  could enjoy the beauty of Bromo and visit Mt Bromo  as normally and  Bromo  Day Tour Package organized on  clients  request and by depart in the morning at 07.00 from your hotel in Surabaya  and go back in evening at 18.00 to Surabaya .  Itinerary as followed:

07.00  pick up from any place in Surabaya  hotel in Surabaya/Malang, train station or airport and leaving from Surabaya/Malang, drive directly to Probolinggo where Mt. Bromo, which is well known as the most widest caldera in Indonesia (with 8 x 5 KM diameters of the rim caldera on the height of 2000 meters above sea level).
10.00  arrivel at Cemoro Lawang village  to  take a jeep 4×4 passing through the sea of sand to climb up to the Pananjakan Peaks to see the most fantastic panoramic view of Mt. Bromo and Mt Semeru on the 2600 meters above sea levels,
12.00 Going down hill and  passing through the Sand Sea “Lautan Pasir”   and climb up 250 steps into the peak of Mt. Bromo to see the crater. There we’ll see (if the weather permit) the fantastic view of Tengger Plateau.
14.00 Going back to Cemorolawang village and going back to Surabaya that need approximately 3,5 hours driving.
15.00 arrive at Surabaya transfer back to Surabaya/Malang
18.00 Transfer to hotel, airport or train station in Surabaya. End of the journey.

Tour Inclusions
1. Transport (minivan driver fuel toll and parking fee)
2.  Local  Mountain Ranger (Local English Speaking Tour guide)
3. Jeep 4×4 for Bromo Tour to climb up to higher peak
4. Mineral water

1. Entrances  Ticket  to Bromo National Park
2. All Personal expenses

Total Price
You want to take this  Bromo One Day Tour  from Surabaya ? Based on private tour so please inform us: your date and total person, your hotel name or flight number and  contact us.

bromo tour
Bromo Tour


Tour  to visit Bromo by departing in midnight from Surabaya and without stay overnight in any hotel in Bromo area.  This tour is suitable also for you who have a tight time when you stay in Surabaya  and for antusias people with the sunrise to take pictures.

Tour Itinerary
pick up from your hotel or from airport in Surabaya and transfer to Bromo .
02.00 take a coffee break in a local restaurant or  in a hotel in Bromo
03.00 take a jeep  4×4 to climb up to Penanjakan Peak, the best point to enjoy  the sunrise and see the Panoramic view around the massif Tengger the compound by the of Bromo  and  Mt Semeru
06.00 going back to sea sand of Mt. Bromo  by riding a horse or  foot about 1.5 km/25 minute to visit Bromo Crater by passing through the Sand Sea and 250 steps into the peak of Mt. Bromo. after that back to Jeep parking and going back to Cemoro Lawang village.
09.00  to have breakfast at restaurant or a local hotel in Bromo area, and take a rest for a while before going back to Surabaya  that need approximately 3,5 hours driving.
13.00 Arrive at Surabaya  Transfer to Hotel train station or air port. End of the journey.

1. Transport with private van from Surabaya to Bromo and back to Surabaya.
2. Mountain Ranger (Local English speaking  tour guide).
3. Cafe break and Breakfast at  restaurant of local hotel in Bromo
4. Jeep 4×4 to climb up to higher ppoint Penanjakan Peak.
5. Mountain Rangers (English speaking Tour guide).

1. Entrances Tickets to Bromo National Park.
2. Riding horse
3. Personal expenses

Total Price
You want to take this  Bromo One Day Tour  from Surabaya ? Based on private tour so please inform us: your date and total person, your hotel name or flight number and < contact us >

As each an others has difference, this tour organized by private only to keep  itinerary flexibility and improve clients satisfaction to enjoy Bromo One Day Tour

bromotourBROMO ONE DAY TOUR visit Bromo From Surabaya

One Day Tour to visit Bromo from Surabaya